A bespoke home office to suit you

Working from home is something that very few companies adopted as a broad practice in the past. Instead, it was more likely to be a luxury when you really needed to be at home for a particular reason such as needing to give access for someone to complete a job. Thanks to a global pandemic altering the landscape of our entire lives, companies have been forced into allowing blanket policies of working from home and they have realised a few things. The fears were always that permanent and widespread working from home would result in reduced productivity in individuals, a lack of communication would cause problems and there would be opportunities missed and other problems arising.

On the contrary, it has become apparent that without all the distractions of the office, workers are able to be more productive. Communication is not impeded thanks to the advent of video conferencing and in fact, for many there has been a huge improvement in work life balance. This has largely occurred thanks to the ability to spend more quality time at home as there is no longer a hefty commute either side of the working day, appointments can be scheduled when convenient, breaks can be taken to refocus and the odd chore can be done. Instead of impeding output, this has actually served to improve it, as well as increasing employee engagement.

So, with all these positive outcomes of working from home (as well as the fact it is far safer from an infection point of view!), it is not surprising that many companies will be continuing with it as a standard policy. If that’s the case where you work, you might need to rethink whatever office set up you have at home. Working from a dining table or spare room is adequate when it’s temporary but if you are set to work there for the long-haul, now is the time to get exactly what you need.

At Home and Garden Offices, we create the perfect space for you to work in your outdoor area with our Chatsworth Home Garden Pod and the best bit is, it really can be designed with you in mind. Take a look how:

  • Built to size – we can manufacture whatever size you need that will suit the space it will sit in outside. So if you need just one desk or several, an extra seating area, kitchenette or more, you can!
  • Windows and doors – if you prefer to work in an enclosed area, we can limit the windows. Or if you’d rather benefit from wide open views of your garden and beyond, we can add in extras as well wide doors that can slide if you prefer
  • Lighting – the winters here in the UK are long so you might not be blessed with a great amount of natural light for many months of the year. But that needn’t be a problem, as we can install as many as you require
  • Electrics – love your tech? You can have as many sockets fitted as you desire and we will of course include a fuse board to ensure your pod can be mains powered from your home
  • Layout – if you need help designing the interior layout, we can help with that too. Our sister company, DL, are specialists in office design so would be able to help advise you

All of the tailor-made elements are of course in addition to a whole host of included features that will go above and beyond your expectations. Working from home really has never been more comfortable or more bespoke and will afford you benefits that you didn’t realise existed when you had to travel to an office daily. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to get your job done, get in touch with us on 0753 089 2155.

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