Avoid the hassle of a building site this winter

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Avoid the hassle of a building site this winter

If you’ve ever had any building work done at your home – or even visited friends or family in the middle of a project, you understand the meaning of stress.

Long lead times, vague deadlines, strangers in and out of your home – not to mention dust, noise and mess.

But sometimes the need for extra space – room to work, relax, exercise or entertain – means you have to consider the investment.

By opting for a garden room rather than a traditional extension attached to your main property, you can avoid huge amounts of hassle, cost and disruption.

Shorter project times

The headache of submitting plans, waiting for reviews, objections, amendments, then having to send them off again, is one you don’t need.

Aside from the inevitable expenditure, it just delays your work from even starting, let alone being completed.

With a garden room, in the vast majority of cases, you won’t even need any planning permission.

As most building regulations require it for structures higher than 2.5 metres, there are no such restrictions to worry about.

And when it comes to the work itself, some of the smaller pods can be completed within two weeks, from foundations to keys handover.

Although the great British weather has to be factored in (especially in winter) any delays will still be less significant than an equivalent brick build.

Easy site access

Pallets of bricks, sacks of cement, hired skips, scaffolding, rubble chutes – everything required for a building site is big, loud and disruptive.

Now imagine a job where, following a site survey visit, everything has been measured and assessed in advance.

And an entire building where every single panel and component can be carried comfortably through a standard sized front door.

Unrivalled value

As you’d expect, the savings on time and materials with a garden room translates into lower costs compared to a standard home extension.

And it won’t affect how much you pay in council tax either, despite adding value to your home.

But there are even more ways to squeeze extra value out of your investment, especially if you can pay for it through work and offset the VAT.

You could choose to lease purchase as a new office in order to reduce strain on your cash flow and enable affordable monthly payments.

And lastly, if you’re so in love with your garden room or office that you don’t want to leave it behind when you move house, you don’t have to.

You can get in touch and request a relocation quote to your new address – another thing you can’t do with a brick build extension.

Can’t wait until Spring for extra space?

Compared to an extension, the financial and convenience advantages of a garden room or office have always been clear.

But the extent of how much more straightforward they are to complete during the winter months has probably been less well known.

If you’d like to talk about a project without waiting until it’s bright enough for a building site, please get in touch.

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