Boost your property value with a garden office shed

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Boost your property value with a garden office shed

Even before the pandemic, Housebuilder & Developer conservatively estimated that a garden office could typically add five percent to the value of a property.

So what value must a garden office represent in a post lockdown landscape, with hybrid and flexible working at the forefront of many people’s minds?

Return on investment

Gone are the days when working from home was just for the boss or the freelancer.

Covid-19 made a home office less a luxury and more a necessity for thousands of people.

And when sharing a kitchen table with homeschoolers and cereal bowls was no longer feasible, many explored more permanent options.

More often than not, the cost of a garden office balanced against the increased property value is less than a comparable size extension to a house.

By increasing the floor space of your property without the cost and time it takes to build an extension, you can save thousands.

And of course, you’ll avoid the intrusion of part of your home becoming a building site for weeks on end.

Enhanced privacy

An office in the garden also offers heightened solitude with no connecting rooms – a benefit you can’t guarantee in your main house.

And as many home workers with large or busy family lives have found – privacy is a premium and precious commodity.

Space to get on with work undisturbed is an obvious boost to productivity, not to mention the travel time saved that can be spent working if needed.

A garden office shed offers the same seclusion as a rented office space but with the shortest commute you could wish for at either end of the day.

Resale value

Adding value to your property with the addition of a garden office is good on paper – but ‘saleability’ is where it matters.

An office shed can make any outdoor space look luxurious, giving an extra ‘wow’ factor for potential buyers expecting something flimsy and full of garden tools.

But a garden office shed doesn’t have to mean your potential buyers will be required to be homeworkers themselves.

A solid and stylish garden room can be adapted for any future occupant – from yoga studio and gym to man cave and bar.

And robust construction coupled with high performance insulation means that year-round use isn’t a problem.

Learn more about garden office sheds

If you’d like more information one whether your garden is suitable for an office shed, or would like to arrange a free quote, why not get in touch?

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