Celebrate Screen-Free Week by spending more time in your garden room

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Celebrate Screen-Free Week by spending more time in your garden room

The first full week in May is Screen-Free Week, an initiative by Fairplay to encourage new activities and more time doing hands-on stuff with kids.

And if you don’t have children, you can still mark the week by taking time to catch up on hobbies, exercise or relaxation and mindfulness pursuits.

From games rooms to yoga studios, garden rooms offer the perfect environment to leave screen based entertainment behind for a few days.

Screen free fun

Grabbing your favourite family board games, activities and snacks and heading out to the garden room creates an ‘event’ similar to a restaurant or cinema trip.

By leaving the main house, you reduce the temptation to drift away to check phones or scroll social media feeds.

And even if you’re child-free or going solo during Screen-Free Week, there are plenty of options that can draw focus, from jigsaws to sudokus.

Historic favourites

It may shock some people but there was entertainment before everyone had a screen in their pocket.

A garden room is ideal for music lovers, with plenty of space for precious vinyl collections and a turntable to give old favourites a spin.

Or even if you just have the radio on in the background while you flick through old photo albums you’ll feel better straight away.

And for keen readers, all you need is a comfortable chair, a window open for fresh air and your latest page turner.

Healthy habits

Of course putting the screens down and focussing on something more organic is always going to be good for your mental health.

But for an extra wellbeing boost, why not get in the garden room and boost your physical wellbeing too with some exercise?

Yoga and pilates are perfect for improving posture, particularly for office workers used to hunching over a laptop.

Or for gym goers, work up a sweat while the fresh air keeps you cool by lifting weights with the doors open.

Want your own screen-free sanctuary?

Whether you have a new pastime that needs a dedicated space, or simply want somewhere to provide a few moments’ peace, a garden room could help.

With several high-specification features and durable materials as standard, you can achieve the room you want to enable your favourite interests.

To discuss your options or to arrange a survey visit with a member of our helpful team, please get in touch.

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