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Create a garden sanctuary with a garden room

Several studies in recent years have pointed to the benefits for individuals of being in and around nature.

That might mean more natural light and greenery in the workplace, or spending leisure time outdoors, away from screens.

But when weather or your schedule won’t allow for you to fully commune with the natural world, you can still get closer to it at home.

With the addition of a garden room, you can create a home haven of wellbeing and tranquillity to improve your mood.

Inspiring interiors

One advantage of a garden room is you can make it more comfortable than the harsh rigidity offered by patio furniture.

Opt for softer furnishings like cushions that don’t have to be weatherproof and a table that won’t have to withstand gale force winds.

And you can further blur the lines between outside and in with furniture that features natural materials like bamboo and cotton.

You could go one step further with fabrics that feature plant prints or garden wildlife.

Mood affecting shades

For a less obvious link to the nature outside, you can choose a colour scheme that reflects your surroundings.

Whether painting the walls of your garden room or simply using it as an accent for cushions and throws, green can have a calming effect.

While yellow can make a room more cheerful, even if this isn’t always mirrored by the sun (or lack of) outside.

Consider brighter colours if possible, rather than darker tones that can make a space seem smaller.

Prioritise plants

A cheaper and more immediate way to add colour is with the introduction of plants.

You can do this with a few flowers or via the more long term introduction of a chilli plant or even a small fruit tree.

The added shelter a garden room provides can give the opportunity to grow something you may not be able to outdoors.

Or you could introduce some soothing fragrance to your sanctuary, with aromatic plants like lavender, jasmine or rosemary.

Year round comfort

Double glazing as standard and the optional extra of heat panels means your garden room can keep cosy even during wintry weeks.

Unlike a conservatory that can seem cold in winter and oppressively warm in the sun, climate control can be more easily achieved.

Stay comfortable all year, with windows and doors open when it’s warm outside and plenty of space to snuggle under blankets when it’s not.

Ready to create a garden room sanctuary?

No need to worry about the longer lead times or planning associated with building an extension if you want a calming space on your property.

To talk to a professional about the advantages of a garden room, please get in touch.

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