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Create the ultimate man cave in your garden

Just about every man dreams of having a man cave to retreat to. Perhaps you can already envision yours; with its plush recliner chair, vintage decor, and of course – the ultimate gaming setup, or whatever floats your boat.

For those with a garden large enough, your outdoor space could be the prime spot to build such a hideaway, and we’re going to show you how. If you’re ready to put your plans into action, here are 5 steps for building the ultimate man cave.

1. Choose a bespoke man cave pod

We offer a brilliant range of outdoor pods for your garden that are guaranteed to work perfectly as a garden man cave base. Not your typical shed man cave, our pods are fully insulated for year-round use and you can go ahead and customise the interior and exterior finish to your liking. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to live in your man cave pod full-time, with a door and windows, it is itself a tiny home!

2. Plan for main features

Think about what you’ll use your new man cave for. If you’re a budding drummer, there’s nothing stopping you from transforming your pod into a tiny studio. Likewise, if you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax, a custom-built bar could do the trick. All of the garden pods at Mim & Co can come with a range of features including double glazed windows, an electrical fuse board that connects to your main house, double 13 amp sockets and internal wall-mounted LED lights. Since all of the basics can be provided, it’s just up to you to decide where you will be placing appliances, and big pieces of furniture.

3. Gather precise measurements

Mim & Co will create your bespoke man cave but as a starting point, we do need a few measurements from you including width, height, and the number of doors. Once you’ve provided us with these handy bits of information, our talented interior designers will get to work to create your unique space. When designing the interior of your man cave, it’s essential you plan out where furnishings will go, especially the larger ones so with these measurements in mind, we can help bring your visions together. Our man cave pods are multi-functional making them great spaces to furnish in really cool ways.

4. Get the decor right

Decor changes everything, especially when it comes to an outdoor pod. While our generously sized windows will allow in plenty of light, putting effort into decorating can certainly go a long way. Some people prefer minimalistic man cave interiors while others enjoy a splash of colour. We recommend keeping the decor simple but don’t be afraid to introduce clean patterns, bolder colours, and even unique soft furnishings for extra character.

5. Add the final touches

So, your bespoke man cave is just about ready but there are a few things missing…Have you added all the final touches you’ll need? Things such as shelving and storage should be considered as well as any extras including heating. Make sure that the practical elements are all there as well as the visually cool ones.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts at Home and Garden Offices on 0753 089 2155 today and we’ll be happy to help you create the ultimate man cave in your own back garden!

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