Creating your perfect haven

We’ve all spent more time at home recently. A lot more. And we’ve all tried to find our own ways of relaxing and even some solitude, if at all possible, because that has been largely easier said than done. What the pandemic has highlighted to the majority of us, however, is that being at home so much isn’t a bad thing, once we can get the right set up for us. That’s part of the reason the DIY and home improvements industries have seen such a boom in the past 12 months!

One area that has seen a particular surge in popularity is the creation of the man cave, home bar, and other types of recreational zones within the home. But unless you have the wherewithal to build a large extension or have a few unused rooms to inhabit, how else would you create one? Here at Home and Garden Offices, we have the perfect solution…

A pod with a difference

Our garden man cave pods are designed with a difference, to ensure you can get everything you need and want out of them, and maybe a little more than you bargained for too! Our pods are not just ordinary sheds, they provide the perfect space to create whatever environment you need in order to get the very best out of your home. We offer a range of options for the finish so it can suit not just its surroundings, but also your personal tastes. After all, this will be your own personal retreat so it needs to be exactly as you want it. In terms of construction, the pods are pre-built so time on site at your home is minimal, causing minimal disruption and a speedy way of getting the extra space you crave.

Personalised to your needs 

In addition to the different finishes on offer, the pod can be designed in multiple ways. We will happily accept you sending drawings of what it is you’re after or will chat through your options. They include extra windows or doors, doors of different types, different sized pods that will fit in the desired location in your home and so on. The collaborative approach we take to designing and building your perfect home pod means that you’ll get exactly what you want.

Multiple features as standard

The problem many of us face when purchasing something for our home is that we see a price and expect to pay that for the item. But when it comes down to it, you need to add in a load of ‘extras’ to get it to the standard you would expect. We don’t do that here at Home and Garden Offices. Instead, we include a whole host of required features as standard such as:

  • Double glazed uPVC Units with grey external face
  • High security locking systems on doors and windows
  • Rear gutter & fall pipe
  • Electrical fuse boar, to enable connection from your home
  • 3 x double 13-amp sockets
  • 3 x internal wall-mounted LED uplighters

So whether you want to have your own, in-house bar, you would like a cinema room, the perfect man cave for gaming and other recreation or anything else at all, our pods can provide it for you. Just get in touch with us here at Home and Garden Offices on 0753 089 2155 to find out more.

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