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Entertaining at home with a difference

It’s official – the world is righting itself and softly, softly, we should be seeing a return to normal over the coming months. For some, this might break an otherwise cosy bubble but for the majority, it will come as a welcome relief and not a moment too soon.

One of the most difficult parts of the past year or so for many has been the separation from friends and family so getting back together is top of the list. But how can we do this completely safely? At the time of writing, socialising is limited to six people and needs to be in an outdoor space, which includes gardens. As time goes on, the restrictions will ease more but understandably, some people might only want to slowly increase their exposure to others. For reasons we all grasp, the best solution is to mix outdoors but in England, the weather can quite literally put a dampener on this with little to no warning.

Garden gazebos, parasols and other types of covering can protect against some of the elements but if you are looking for a more permanent type of space from which you can entertain, Home and Garden Offices can help. We can create the perfect space for your needs, and it all comes at a fantastic price and with limited hassle too. This solution comes in the form of our Chatsworth home garden pods – a shed like no other!

These garden pods are great for any of your requirements as they are so flexible in their use. Many have been chosen for use as a garden office – that ability to close the door and return to the home after a day’s work creates a positive mental separation, allowing you to really switch off. But throughout lockdown, there has been an increasing number of customers who want the space for something entirely different. Some want a haven in which to practice yoga, meditation or even as a gym. Others want them as a man cave, set up with the perfect entertainment and gaming tech. But the really game-changing pods are the ones we make into bars or other reception rooms for entertaining.

We’ve all had to make do with no hospitality establishments being open so many have taken it upon themselves to create their own space at home. As we become more able to socialise and invite guests to our home, being able to host them in our gardens is the perfect way to have a safe environment. A garden pod set up as an entertainment room bridges the gap between completely indoor and completely outdoor functions. With all your refreshments housed inside, from drinks to nibbles to barbecue supplies, there is focal point around which to congregate. Wide doors can be included in your design to ensure fresh air will continually circulate inside to minimise the risk of spreading any infection. However, the majority of those at the event would no doubt spend their time outside – if the weather was a concern (as it usually is in British Summer Time!), you could erect some form of awning to assist with coverage.

So whether it’s a bar area for a lively soiree, a hub to house an afternoon tea or a gaming night for the teens; an outdoor garden pod is the perfect solution. They come with a huge range of inclusions as standard too, including a fuse board to have mains electric, some lighting, windows, plugs and secure locking. Insulation is included too so your pod is usable all year. Just give us a call on 0753 089 2155 to find out more.

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