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Yes, we include some electrical items within our standard price, but not the power supply from the house.  You’ll appreciate every site is different, so we have to assess that on an individual basis and quote as an extra item.  Though don’t worry, we’ll co-ordinate the whole thing, we’re not passing on the problem, we’ll own it for you.

We offer a 12 month product and labour warranty, as well as a genuine 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on pressure treated timber.

We’d look at the options with you and measure access during the site survey, once a deposit is received.  But don’t worry, we can get the panels through a standard front door.

It depends on what you’re fixing?  We can add additional strength to walls if you wish, but as a guide hanging pictures would be OK.

Currently the windows and doors are only available in grey and white, or all white.  The inside and outside timbers can be painted if preferred.

We install a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) on top of the foundation to stop any damp coming up the walls or through the floor.

For the Chatsworth doors it’s a 9 point locking system.  For the Hardwick doors it’s a multi-point locking system with euro cylinder lock.  However we can supply anything you like if you get in touch.

We offer the option of a hot and cold water station, but we need to look at your existing services and price separately for the water supply to your pod.

Not yet.  This would need additional internal steelwork, but we’re developing our products all the time, so watch this space.

The majority of our work is with businesses and business owners, where VAT can be offset.  We sell to private individuals as well, but if you have a way of buying it through your company, we’d highly recommend the financial benefits.  Please see our information on leasing options.

Approximately 1200kg when empty, reassuringly solid!  It won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, especially with our excellent foundations.  We quote for the foundations once we’ve seen the ground conditions.  All of our foundation solutions have been verified by a structural engineer, so you can have complete peace of mind that your new office will stand firm in even the wettest of winters.

Yes, please get in touch and we’ll quote to move it for you.

No, though we’re looking into that, so please “bear with”.

We recommend WiFi extenders and boosters, unless the pod is a looong way from the house.  We can advise on our survey and add that item to the options we’ll manage for you.

We install double glazed units as standard, for heat and sound insulation.  Walls, roof and floor are all insulated, but more can be done to the wall linings if required.

No, the regulations say as long as the building is no higher than 2.5 meters high planning permission isn’t required.  In the vast majority of cases building regulations aren’t required, but we can advise.

Once we arrive we hope to get the smallest pod built within 2 weeks, from foundations to passing you the keys!  Though we have to factor in the British weather sometimes, so please bear that in mind.

Lead times vary according to the time of year, so give us a call and we’ll update you on the current situation.  We’ll certainly be with you as soon as we can!

The building itself will go on buildings insurance and what’s inside needs to be added to your home contents insurance.

We include items you can’t take for granted with other products on the market.

All homes are different, and some clients have a base secure enough to accept the pod.  We need to have a look and advise what needs to be done, if anything, to ensure your investment lasts as long as you do.

The building is insulated however you can add panel heaters as part of the options package, so you get all year round use.

Some good news… NO… so that’s the rateable value of an office saved!

Yes, of course, subject to a site survey we’ve got methods of working with sloping ground.

Yes, though we’ll need to investigate the method at our site survey.

Yes, of course.  We try and standardise, to make the process easier, but we make our own pods, so we can discuss sizes and options with you.  We recognise every garden is different.

As a rule of thumb we do most of our work within a 30 mile radius of Sheffield Cathedral, though we’ll travel at additional cost.  If you’re in any doubt, just ask, we’ll try and help you.