How a garden room can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

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How a garden room can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

It’s an easy excuse for many people who’ve made a new years resolutions to themselves at the start of a new year:

‘I just didn’t have the time and/or space’.

Maybe you wanted to start crafting but didn’t have room for all the new equipment and materials.

And going to the gym can take hours out of your day, even with the quickest of workouts.

But with a garden room, you could give yourself the best chance of sticking to that mantra; ‘New year, new me’.

Garden rooms for fitness

Imagine a gym commute that takes less than a minute, with no waiting time for equipment you want to use once you get there.

No more motivation sapping soundtrack of the top ten hits on repeat and no having to be aware of other gym users.

A garden room or fitness studio eliminates all those reasons that make excuses easier.

And even if you’ve only half an hour to spare, you can fit in a great workout to keep that new years resolution on track.

Crafting and hobbying

The allure of crafting on social media has sparked creativity or awoken the inner child for many people and is a popular new years resolution.

For many, spending time making things for the first time since they enjoyed art or technology lessons at school is an understandable diversion.

But new hobbies like this often require specialist supplies, equipment and dedicated space.

Great if you’ve got a room spare – but even then, your crafting paraphernalia could spill over into other areas in the rest of the house.

And unless you live alone, finding that quiet time to get creative and crafty may still be hard.

A garden room can give that solitude for a few precious moments away from TV, household chores, family demands and more.

And in a space that’s been designed to cater for your specific needs, you may find inspiration strikes even more easily.

Work/life balance

A common theme for many people recently has been a shifting of priorities in terms of how often they work and where.

For some, enforced working from home due to the pandemic has led to blurred lines between professional and personal life.

For anyone with a new years resolution of reintroducing a clearer division and restoring that healthier balance, a garden room is a good option.

Whether office or studio based, a dedicated room for your work away from the domestic space can maintain harmony throughout the year.

Want to know more?

Even if you’re not someone who makes new years resolutions, let alone sticks to them, the benefits outlined above are just some of the ways a garden room makes sense.

To talk to a member of our helpful team about your garden room options or to arrange a visit, please get in touch.

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