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How to style your garden room for Spring

Now that Spring has sprung, with its brighter mornings and longer days, it’s time to get out and make the most of your garden room.

But to get the best out of the season, why not style your inside/outside haven to cheer your mood and make it an even more inviting space?

Here are just a few tips and tricks to get your garden room looking its best this Spring.

Spring cleaning

It’s a cliche but this time of year evokes images of rebirth and new starts – and there’s no easier way to breathe new life into a space than with a clean up.

Open the blinds (if you’ve got them) and let some sun in – and you’ll probably see the shadows cast by any smears and smudges on your glass.

Once those windows have been cleaned, you’ll benefit from natural light while you’re working, reading, relaxing or any other activity in your room.

Flower up

Spring is a season of colours and fresh fragrances and your garden room is the halfway point between indoors and out – so blur that boundary even more.

Flowers like tulips and daffodils look great either planted in the garden close to your space, or even in pots around the door.

And it’s a good idea to bring greenery inside, with plants like ferns, orchids and peace lilies all promoting calmness and oxygenating the space.

Brighten decor

Often, the whole mood of a room can be changed with just a few light touches that make a big difference for small effort and cost.

A simple throw or some scatter cushions can alter the tone in your room, especially if you think about colour carefully.

Brighter yellows and greens traditionally say ‘Spring’ and as well as brightening up the place, will contrast well with cooler greys and neutral shades.

And a couple of prints on the wall – possibly some works featuring garden scenes or animals in the countryside will fit the mood perfectly.

Ready for a spruce up this Spring?

If you’re inspired to freshen up your garden room, hopefully these tips will give you some ideas for Spring.

And if you’ve not yet invested in a garden room, there’s still plenty of time to take that step in plenty of time for Summer.

To discuss your options or to arrange a survey visit with a member of our helpful team, please get in touch.

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