Hybrid working solutions for 2022

Over the last couple of years, the term ‘hybrid working’ has become much more prevalent.

Seen as the ‘best of both worlds’, hybrid working refers to a combination of remote working and time spent at the office premises.

Hybrid working might mean a flexible arrangement dependent on business requirements, or a pre-scheduled timetable agreed with an employer.

So, you can head into the office to use facilities unavailable at home, such as meeting rooms or large-scale printers.

And of course, it’s important to maintain working relationships with your colleagues by being in the same physical location at times.

But there are also numerous benefits to working from home, such as savings on commuting and childcare.

So to make the most of this versatile arrangement, it’s vital to ensure your home working setup is just right.

Separating work and home life

First, you need a dedicated work area, separate from your domestic life, to make it easier to switch off when your day is over.

A work-life that bleeds into your home can blur the lines and increase stress at a time when you should have switched off from ‘office mode’.

With hybrid working, working from the dining table or sofa may not affect your productivity but it could impact mental wellbeing by making it harder to stop and ‘refresh’.

A garden office pod provides the perfect solution by being a separate space – but still on your property.

The alternative – designating a room in your main house as an office – means sacrificing valuable space.

Many people don’t have a room to spare (or the available funds to consider building an extension).

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to turn into an office, that’s great – provided you live with quiet people.

But you may find the connecting walls don’t give you quite the privacy and peace you need to work effectively.

A separate structure in your garden can be created exactly how you want, with equipment conveniently situated and decor that inspires or calms you.

Your commute will only be a short stroll but it’ll be the perfect hybrid working arrangement that allows you to fully switch off as soon as you return ‘home’.

Long term hybrid working solutions

If hybrid working has become a permanent fixture in your professional life, it’s probably time to branch out from one corner of the back bedroom.

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