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Tailored garden office solutions to suit you

The events of 2020, and now of those as we enter 2021 in earnest, have seen a drastic change in many of our lifestyles. Never before has everywhere been closed on such a mass scale and we have been forced to change many behaviours we have taken for granted over the years. One of the most significant changes has been the directive to work from home unless physically impossible to do so. It has seen corners of rooms turned into makeshift offices, dining tables repurposed as desks and a desperate search for silence whilst on multiple video calls.

Now it seems life has changed for the longer term and it is likely to be the case that many will remain working from home, at least for a good portion of each week. Regardless of the current dangers of heading into an office space, the benefits of staff working more from home are being realised by both employees and employers alike. Better work-life balance, no wasted time commuting (not to mention the reduction in pollution), increased productivity from a more engaged and happier workforce and even the ability for companies to reduce office overheads all combine to mean working from home is going to stay.

If the thought of continuing to work from an area of your home which is ill-equipped to accommodate your professional needs, there is an alternative. And a good one too. A garden room can easily be installed on your property offering the perfect haven for you to work in peace, be as productive as you need to be and ultimately close the door to it at the end of the working day. You’ll have a pleasurable morning and evening commute across your garden too!

At Home and Garden Offices, we know that everyone’s requirements are different which is why we offer tailored solutions to suit your needs. You can choose the following:

  • A bespoke choice of size for your land and usage (all garden offices are made on order, specific to your request)
  • Different window options available
  • A range of door configurations to suit the garden room
  • Different levels of insulation to suit its use
  • A range of ‘finish’ options available for both the inside and out to suit the overall look of your outdoor space and the interior style you prefer
  • The ability to have a multi-use room if required – these structures are suitable for offices, gyms, as an additional family room of even as a bar!

There are plenty of other options available, but you’ll be pleased to hear we offer all of the following as standard:

  • Double glazed uPVC Units with grey external face
  • High security locking systems to doors and windows
  • Electrical fuse board to enable connection from your home
  • 3 double 13-amp sockets
  • 3 internal wall mounted LED uplighters

We use a pod structure known as The Chatsworth – but it isn’t your average shed! We will discuss how you want to use your garden office and will survey your land to ensure we give you the very best solution for you. These are very high quality, competitively priced solutions for you to work from home in comfort and also use the room for whatever else you need.

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