The benefits of a pre-built garden room

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The benefits of a pre-built garden room

What are the benefits of a pre-built garden room? What does pre-built garden room even mean? We cover all these questions and more in this blog!

Spring is just around the corner and as the storms of February subside it’s almost safe to start thinking about being outside in your garden again.

But being able to answer emails on the patio furniture, do yoga on the lawn or enjoy a drink in the sunshine isn’t something to rely on.

British weather being what it is, a better option to bring together the best of being indoors and outdoors is a pre-built garden room.

Why do I need a pre-built garden room?

Unlike a completely bespoke designed structure, a pre-built garden room won’t need months of preparation and building work.

With much of a pre-build being constructed in advance offsite in our Sheffield warehouse, the disruption and number of people required at your address is reduced.

Which means that the timescale from deciding you want a garden room to being sat in one of your own is pleasingly short.

Time saving

For the smallest available garden rooms, it can take as little as two weeks from digging foundations to handing over the keys.

In addition to time saved on site, choosing your desired features from a range of options eliminates lengthy planning and design processes.

In fact, for a structure under 2.5 metres in height, you won’t even need to seek planning permission in the vast majority of cases.

And of course a pre-built garden room removes the possibility of waiting around for subcontractors as fixtures and fittings are included.

Less disruption

As well as those shorter timescales, the amount of disruption around your property should be much less than a traditional building project.

And the panels of a pre-built garden room can be carried through a standard sized front door, so site access shouldn’t be a problem.

Which means there’s no need for pallets of bricks or unsightly skips sat outside your property for weeks on end.


Manufacturing off site will usually create less waste than a complete building project in your back garden.

And timber and insulation are carefully sourced in order to conserve energy and lessen environmental impact where possible.

Plus if you ever move home, it may be possible to dismantle and relocate your existing garden room to your new address.

So no need to start a new building project and use further resources unnecessarily.

Interested in a pre-built garden room?

The lead time, cost effectiveness and lower environmental impact of a pre-built garden room makes it an attractive prospect for many homeowners.

But the only surefire way to see exactly what kind will suit your requirements is to talk to a professional about a site survey.

To speak to a member of our team, ask any questions or arrange a convenient time, please get in touch.

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