The benefits of creating a home gym with a garden room

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The benefits of creating a home gym with a garden room

While it’s not quite time for those post-Christmas guilt trip gym offers, it’s definitely not the season for daily sunshine strolls and cycles to keep fit.

But what if you could stay in shape all year round, the way you wanted, to suit your schedule – without having to travel anywhere or worry about weather?

That’s what many of our customers are choosing to do, opting for a garden room that they use as a gym or fitness studio.

But what are the advantages of a home gym in your own garden?

  1. Convenience

If your gym is closed due to covid, or doesn’t always have parking, or is even just a short drive away – irritations can add up.

Contrast that with working out in a space where you’ll arrive in the right frame of mind, without having to worry about paying for parking.

And even if the weather is awful, how wet can you get from a short walk down the garden?

  1. Flexible timetable

Of course some gyms are open 24/7 – but do you really want to be lugging a gym bag round the town centre in the cold and dark?

For the ultimate ‘gym when you like’ flexibility, plan your exercise around your busy lifestyle without having to rush.

Whether it’s an hour after work or ten minutes of yoga to start your day distraction free, you choose when and how you use it.

  1. Speed

No more waiting for equipment to be free – or even worse, feeling hurried because someone is passive-aggressively hovering.

Every unplanned ‘five minutes between sets’ soon adds up and eats into time you could be doing something else.

With a home gym, your routine will go exactly how you want and take as long as you need – not rushed and not delayed.

  1. Privacy

Who can truly say they’re able to work out exactly how they want – their own choice of music, nobody gawking at them, no distractions?

And with a garden gym, no connecting walls means you can properly get ‘in the zone’ without any undue interruptions.

  1. Bespoke setup

Custom configured exactly how you need to do your best possible workout – no other gym can claim that.

Your choice of equipment, decor, media setup – whether it’s high intensity with the volume up, or a serene space for stillness and stretching.

  1. Parent friendly

For many people, especially single parents, getting to the gym is tough simply because of having to arrange childcare every time.

With a gym in your back garden, you can bring the little ones along or they can play outside safely.

  1. Cost effective

Put simply, your entire household can use a home gym and reap all of the above benefits without the extra cost of individual memberships.

Considering a garden room gym?

An investment in your property can add financial value but an investment in your family’s health is impossible to calculate – why not combine both?

To speak to a member of our helpful team or request a free quote, please get in touch.

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