Three ways to make a garden room your own

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Three ways to make a garden room your own

Investing in a garden room or office is a sound decision in terms of adding value and floorspace to your property.

But just like any room in your house, you need to give it a sense of identity so it doesn’t become an undefined ‘space’ reduced to storage or occasional use.

As well a gym/fitness studio, here are just three of the numerous possibilities for making a garden room your own:

  1. Hobby room/workshop

A space to indulge your creativity, interests and passions away from the hustle and bustle of your main home.

Or even something as simple as curling up in a comfy chair and putting on a prized vinyl record.

From crafting to gaming, your own dedicated space to spend time that’s just yours on something that makes you happy is a rare treat.

And keeping valuable items away from small hands that could break or disturb your setup is made much easier too.

  1. Bar/games room

Entertain your friends in a space where no reservation is required and last orders are never called.

Imagine being a stone (or dart)’s throw from a great night out with no taxis or toilet queueing.

And no more overpriced drinks served with the niggling thought that you could’ve made a better one yourself.

Not only do you decide what’s served in your bar, you decide who you share it with as well.

This is the perfect way to create the dream man cave in your garden!

  1. Playroom

A common problem for parents is finding space for all the toys that take over multiple rooms in the house over the years.

Furniture sized pieces or floor filling games and puzzles are an issue in terms of space.

But just as jarring are the less obvious issues, such as standing on unseen lego bricks or hearing ‘Peppa Pig’ for the millionth time.

A garden playroom clears clutter and frees your mind from such fears while giving your little ones a special place to enjoy as their own.

Any other ideas for your garden pod?

Of course, adding a garden room to your property opens up so many more possibilities than the handful we’ve outlined.

If you’ve got an idea – from man cave to yoga studio – we can make it happen just how you’re picturing.

Or if you’d prefer to see if a discussion with a member of our team will lead to inspiration, please get in touch.

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