Three ways to upgrade your garden

Any number of studies each year will shout about the amount of value that a well-maintained garden can add to a property.

Often this research will have been conducted by a landscaping or outdoor maintenance business – but the point seems a valid one.

It doesn’t take much scientific scrutiny to understand that the impression a garden makes can be a contributing factor in how people view a home.

Here are three ways to upgrade your garden and add perceived (and actual) value to your home.

1. Colourful planting

It’s Spring, the perfect time to head to the garden centre and invest in some affordable pops of colour like tulips, daffodils and pansies.

Adding an array of potted plants or creating a border can frame your lawn or liven up a drab grey patio area.

And while you’ll need to plant lilies or gladioli now for Summer, try to aim for a variety of year-round bloomers for an ongoing flower show.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, you’ll also be doing your bit to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

2. Garden room

To add more structure and clear financial value to your outdoor area, why not consider a garden room?

Offering an opportunity for everything from a yoga studio to an office, you’ll wonder why you ever considered putting a shed in that space.

With the high specification construction, insulated walls, roof and double-glazed windows, you’ll stay warm, dry and comfortable.

And typically you won’t require planning permission, so you’ll be enjoying your garden sanctuary sooner than if you’d built a house extension.

3. Patio and paving

An outdoor paved area can provide a cohesive link between the natural spaces of your garden and the built structure of your home.

It enables you to bring the indoors outside with seating or alfresco dining area.

You can also give children a safe space to use toys not meant for grass, such as remote control cars and roller skates.

With the Spring weather coming in a patio is definitely not complete without a barbecue – perfect for hosting friends and family this summer.

Maintenance is much easier than a lawn – and of course you’ll reduce the time you need to spend using that back-breaking mower.

Get ready to upgrade your garden

To discuss garden room options, possible uses and potential values, please get in touch with a member of our helpful team.

For other ideas on planting or paving options, talk to your local garden centre or hardware store staff.

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