Which features should be included as standard with a garden room

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Which features should be included as standard with a garden room

Garden pod timber

You can purchase a garden room to use any way you see fit – and that flexibility is one of the reasons more and more people are investing in them.

From new homeworkers needing a separate office to people seeking better balance via a hobby room or fitness studio, configuration is up to you.

But before the bespoke modifications are specified to achieve your desired result, what should you expect?

Here are some of the features that should be included in any garden room as standard (otherwise it’s just a glorified shed).

Double glazed uPVC windows

You’ll stay dry thanks to 28mm sealed units, comprising two panes of toughened glass with a spacer bar that comply with BS EN 1279 standards.

Put simply, that means no moisture or condensation in the glass cavity, so none of that annoying ‘fogging’ you can see with inferior double glazing.

And with the quality standards also covering thermal and sound insulation performance, you won’t need to worry about noise or cold either.

FSC certified timber

The walls are as good as the windows, ethically sourced from FSC certified forests, using local supply chain partners where possible.

Both the spruce exterior and pressure treated bearers are guaranteed for ten years against rot and insect infestations.

This is maintained simply via the application of a good-quality water repellent, to preserve the lifespan of the timbers.

And the combination of superior sourced product and attentive maintenance means no dismantling and retreating required every year.

Insulated roof

As good as the windows and walls are, without a strong, waterproof roof, you’d be in trouble.

Happily, that’s exactly what you can expect, with panels featuring a polyurethane core and overlapping cladding.

And don’t worry –  it’s just as good at keeping the warmth in as it is at keeping water out.

Fully Insulated

Speaking of warmth – every garden building includes roof to floor polyurethane insulation, which retains heat in winter but keeps you cool in warm weather.

This means lower spending on energy bills compared to the inferior performance offered by cheaper Rockwool or foil backed alternatives.

Other garden room features included as standard

  • Fire resistant inner walls

Plasterboard with fibre free rigid insulation core, ready to be painted or decorated to taste.

  • High security locking

Industry leading seven-point locking system on doors and multipoint locks on windows.

  • Gutter and fall pipe

To ensure water is diverted away from your garden room, can also be fitted to water butts if required.

Want to know more?

You can read more specification details about features included as standard in our garden rooms here.

Or if you’d like to discuss your options or arrange a visit, please speak to a member of our helpful team.

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