Winter warmers: garden rooms that are built for the colder weather

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Winter warmers: garden rooms that are built for the colder weather

As you’re no doubt very aware, it’s cold outside currently – definitely ‘shelter indoors’ weather.

So you might think that braving the back door to head for a garden room is a bad idea, best left until at least Springtime.

But you’d be wrong – a garden room that’s designed and built for year-round use can be just as cosy in the cold as it is airy in the summer.

Here’s how:

Superior heat retention

You don’t want to invest in a garden room that’s the perfect temperature for half the year and no good during the rest.

Working, relaxing, entertaining – whatever you use your garden room for – shouldn’t be dictated by the weather.

Which means the type of insulation used needs to be able to keep you cool when it’s warm, as well as retain heat at this time of year.

High specification polyurethane insulation from roof and floor offers superior performance levels as well as saving on your energy bills.

High performance double glazing

Just because your garden room is a separate structure to your main house, doesn’t mean you should expect lower standards.

Stay as warm and dry as you do in any room in your home, thanks to domestic grade windows comprising uPVC frames and toughened double glazed units.

And with BS EN 1279 standard compliant glazing, you’ll benefit from outstanding sound insulation as well as thermal.

Electrics as standard

Often, it’s the creature comforts that make us feel safe and secure in our surroundings.

And if that means gadgets – from phones and tablets, to heaters and electric blankets – you’ll need places to plug in.

So with several double amp sockets and internal wall mounted uplighters as standard, you won’t feel like you’re out in the cold.

Damp free environment

You know it’s winter when the heating has to be on permanently just to stop the moisture making its unwelcome presence felt.

A damp-proof membrane will stop any incursion through the floor and walls of your garden room.

And as for the roof, a hard foam core, overlapping cladding and waterproof surface should keep you drier than a stale turkey sandwich after Christmas.

Want a 365-days-a-year space?

As we’ve highlighted, there’s no reason why a garden room can’t be a wintry warm haven.

But your all-year-round enjoyment depends on the careful selection of high specification materials and professional workmanship.

To discuss your requirements with a member of our helpful team, please get in touch.

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