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Working from home? Invest in a garden room

A few months back we talked about how a garden room office can help provide an option for hybrid working arrangements.

While the working from home boom of the last few years was a necessary response to a pandemic, many workers have retained at least some level of homeworking.

And while a garden room’s versatility can create the perfect home gym, bar, hobby room or man cave, as an office it is an ideal solution.

Benefits of a garden office

Investing in a garden room for working from home provides numerous advantages, including:

  • A designated working space, free from encroachment by anything from unfolded laundry to children’s toys
  • An area with fewer domestic distractions like landline cold callers or the front doorbell
  • Zero commuting costs or stress
  • Flexible working hours to suit your timetable
  • Better natural lighting, which boosts mood and productivity

While many people working from home during the pandemic were glad of more time with their family and less commuter stress, there were downsides too.

Barking dogs, travelling salespeople and bored children can quickly prove disruptive for your working day.

A garden room offers the ideal compromise – you get to leave your home and go to a dedicated ‘place of work’, arriving as early as you like, even after a lie-in.

Then at the end of the day, you lock the door and leave work, ready to decompress in domestic life within a few steps.

Cost of living help

With the rising costs of living looking set to continue, a garden room office can help offset these over time.

No need to worry about fuel costs or train tickets, your commute is just a short stroll from your house.

And as shops and cafes pass rising supply chain costs on to the consumer, you’ll save by eating from your own kitchen rather than costly sandwiches and salads.

Better work/life balance

If you need a break to be outside for 15 minutes or even to snooze for half an hour, nobody will raise an eyebrow.

All the boosts to your wellbeing that a garden room offers, from natural light to less ambient noise will translate into your personal life too.

By sleeping better and longer, you’ll feel less stressed and able to work more efficiently.

Ready for a spruce up this Spring?

If you’re inspired to freshen up your garden room, hopefully these tips will give you some ideas for Spring.

And if you’ve not yet invested in a garden room, there’s still plenty of time to take that step in plenty of time for Summer.

To discuss your options or to arrange a survey visit with a member of our helpful team, please get in touch.

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